Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data?

We compile our data from a wide range of public and proprietary sources.

I’ve noticed there is information on your site that needs to be updated. How do I do that?

You can update us directly with information on any record. Go to the record in question and hit the Update link located in the upper right corner. There, you can type in your update, and it gets sent to our editorial department for review and verification. We will email confirmation of receipt shortly after you send it. If you do not have access to our site, you can email updated information directly to our customer service department at

I’d like to put a new project or credit on the database. What do I need to do?

To add any new film project to The Studio System, we will need a logline, genre, production company/producer involved, and any other significant talent attached (writer, star, director, etc). We only actively track feature-length films that have received a domestic theatrical release and those that have screened at two or more prominent film festivals. For TV projects, we must have logline, genre, network, airdate or intended season, production company, producer, writers/creator, and any other significant talent attached. We track primarily broadcast network scripted and alternative series and cable scripted and buzz-worthy alternative series. We do not track programming aired outside the US, nor do we include most daytime, news, and sports programming. All film and television projects are added at the discretion of our editorial department.

I was on a project a while ago and you missed my credit. Can I add it?

If a project on our site was released/aired and your credit is not in our record, we will need proof of credit before we can add it to the System. All credits must appear on-screen, as part of the project's opening or end credit sequence. We accept credits from the following sources: official press kits, publicity materials and official websites. Depending upon the circumstance, we may accept other forms of proof. However, due to this policy, IMDb or other user-generated online databases are not accepted forms of verification.

Please note: while we will make every effort, we cannot guarantee that all credits will be added to our database.

I don’t think I’m getting everything I can out of my The Studio System experience. Is there additional training?

YES! We offer personalized training in a variety of forms. If you are working on a one time research question and need a few quick tips, please contact our customer service department at or 310/482-3414 during business hours to have a team member walk you through our solutions.

We also offer personalized Webinar sessions, in-depth phone tutorials and on-site training. Please contact our customer service office for additional details.

I keep getting asked to change my password. Why is that?

This is a security measure to prevent sharing of logins and passwords.

Can I use this on my Mac? What about my BlackBerry?

The Studio System is optimized for Mac and PC use across Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. There are minimum levels of computer speed and browser versions that make the database work the best, so if you have any concerns please contact us at Plus we are no longer provide technological support for Internet Explorer 6. You can still use that browser version and get the same great data; however, you may notice some design differences.

The Studio System database uses responsive design that allows for adjusts the site to any platform, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone. We also offer an iPhone/iPad app, free for users, which is downloadable through the iTunes store and accessible with your Studio System username/password. Please contact us at for further details.